Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nugatti, FDR and Naked Statues

We arrived in Oslo, Norway by train and made quite a hike to our hotel using a handy dandy map that Holly Houston mastered beautifully.  With only a few days in Oslo we ventured to the Akershus Fortress, Nobel Peace Center and Vigeland Park.

In February, ice and snow layered almost every bit of ground!  And we ate at a Burger King for like $17.  yowzers.

It seemed that everywhere in Europe, they're very welcoming to animals.  You would never see a random dog inside a store in America!

Who knew Norway loved Franklin Roosevelt so much?  I found this...
"It just so happens that Roosevelt redeemed the Norwegian people from the negative opinions of America by his high regard and praise of Norway during World War II.  An article written by the journalist Leland Stowe that was printed in several US papers smeared the character of the Norwegian people in regards to the Nazi invasion of Norway.  However, like many outsiders, Stowe, misunderstood the Norwegians around him...  In 1940, Roosevelt had already praised the Norwegian Resistant Fighters, but in September of 1942, he declaired in a speech:
If there is anyone who still wonders why this war is being fought, let him look to Norway. If there is anyone who has any delusions that this war could have been averted, let him look to Norway; and if there is anyone who doubts the democratic will to win, again I say, let him look to Norway."
Akershus Fortress

Nobel Peace Center where we saw the "What the World Eats" display and the recent winner, "Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons".

Beautiful buildings near the fortress

The Oslo Opera House

This is Vigeland Park.  A gorgeous, spacious park with naked statues all about.  Trust me.  I censored these greatly.  You would be greatly amused if you saw each and every statue!

And lastly, this was our snack/dinner before we boarded the plane out of Norway.  As to which the lovely airport security fellow felt the need to remind us of how fattening "Nugatti" (ahem... Nutella) is.  Mind your own business pal.  We Americans enjoy getting fat!

Next up! Barcelona, Spain

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