Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Letter

For your reading pleasure...

I received this note/letter from a student after I heard him/her yell an offensive cuss word very loudly in the hall:

(written word for word, letter for letter, and of course with no punctuation)

"I am turly sorry I just cant get in no more trouble are I get kicked out of this school and i don't want I love your class and all I don't want to get in no more trouble here is 52 I am sorry for cursing you can give me more if you want I don't care but please don't give me a refarle so I can't get kicked out I love you mrs. fleacher and I want to stay here so I can be in your class please don't give me a refarl please don't"

A few thoughts in conclusion:

1. "here is 52" is referring to writeoffs.. I didn't even give the student write offs (because I HATE them as a punishment) but he/she took it up on him/herself to do them. ha.

2. ..... the least of my worries is the cussing ... I teach 8th graders, just a reminder. =)


Lisa Michelle Turner said...

that was precious...and kinda sad, but mainly precious. He/she loves you mrs. fletcher :)

The Life of Rookie Parents said...

I am dying laughing! This is hilarious! You need to keep this letter and read it on bad days. The funniest part is "refarle" It's so funny because the writer is probably super country and spelled it how they say it! lol

Whitney said...

hahah i loved that so much!

wow....a little glimpse into your everyday life. how entertaining :)

lindsay rae said...

i had a kid who didn't know i was behind him the other day and he turned around to say to another kid, "that's bull s**t, you mother f**..."

and then he noticed me. :) and said, "oh hi, mrs. sluder..."

Katie said...

I love the begging... "please don't give me a refarl please don't" So, Ms. Fleacher... did you give him a refarl? :)