Monday, September 1, 2014

Bergen, Norway

We flew from Dublin to Bergen, Norway-one of the more populated cities on the west coast of Norway.  This was the men's restroom in the airport... classy, eh?

This was our one city of true "couch surfing".  Couch surfing is an actual website, similar to Facebook, where you have profiles etc. and find people living in the cities you are visiting and ask to stay on their couch.  For free.

This is the house... ahem... mansion we ended up couch surfing at in Askoy, right outside Bergen.
I wish I could share all of the details of how this came about, but basically, we ended up staying with about 15 other travelers in this "manor" that a 27 year old Norwegian had just bought a month prior for a few million dollars.  What. Inthe. World.  

We spent our one and only full day in Bergen venturing up the funicular to Mt. Floyen and wandering around the Wharf-a UNESCO World Heritage site.
At the top of Mt. Floyen

This is part of the wharf.  Notice how the buildings are starting to lean.

I love this photo.  And that's no filter.

This Starbucks had just opened a few weeks before we arrived.  A regular "fun" drink is around $21.

Can't forget our new Portuguese friend, Hector, who we met whilst couch surfing.

Fun Norwegian fact for you:  Did you know if you split all of Norway's money evenly between all of their citizens, each person would have 1 million dollars?

NEXT UP: Norway, Part II

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