Monday, June 20, 2011

Ode to Chacos

I had a revelation the other day on the Tonle Sap: every missionary needs a pair of Chacos. If I were to start a new ministry, it would be "Chacos to Missionaries" ministry because I do not know how some of them survive over here without them! Flip Flops just don't cut it. I was inspired to share just about 2 of these lines while we were on the boat since so many people were Chaco lovers. I decided to extend it because the nonstop rain here has inspired me. So do enjoy.

(not my feet BTW)

Chacos, chacos you're so grand
I'm glad I can wear you in the sand

You can wear them up a mountain
You can wear them in a fountain

You can wear them on a boat
Because they'll surely float

You can wear them in Tennessee
You can wear them across the sea

You can wear them in the rain
Although the smell will sometimes stain

You can step upon a nail
They will even endure hail

You can wear them in the dirt
You can wear them with a skirt

You can wear them in the mud
Because they will not come off even in the crud

You can wear them in the cold
And they have such colorful folds

You can wear them if you're male
You can wear them if you're ABIGAIL

You can wear them down the Ocoee
You can wear them if it's snowing

They are made for young and old
Oh dear Chacos, you are gold!


lindsay rae said...

aaaaahahahahaaa! I love it!

Whitney said...

wow. i. love. this. and i. love. u.

Whitney said...

i. love. this.

Rachel said...


Lisa Michelle Turner said...

I may have this framed and signed by the author!!!